Rainbow Mode Records

Rainbow Mode Records is an independent e-label for emerging talents and a music production team specialized in electronic music. Our goal is to cover all the colours of the electronic soundscape through specific quality projects.

ZenToy, The Virgin Dolls, Mode Orchestra… A new electronic journey with a unique artists pool!


  • The Virgin Dolls - Shock!

  • The Virgin Dolls - Mutation

  • ZenToy - Best Kept Secret

  • the-virgin-dolls-saturday-night-125

  • Zero Download

  • Paradise

  • Kill the Pain

  • ZenToy - The End

  • Miracle

  • Atomic City (The Contest)

  • Freak

  • I Want U (The Contest)

  • Atomic City

  • I Want U

  • Psycho (CD Edition)

  • Zentai Love

  • Psycho

  • Zentai Love

  • Fire (Remixes 2)

  • Fire (Remixes 1)

  • Fire

  • Angels of Blue

  • No Love - The Contest

  • No Love - The Remixes

  • The Virgin Dolls - Blow your mind

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