8 years! An eternity for the music scene, but the wait is over. The Virgin Dolls are back with their second album!

Why did it took so long? After the release of the debut album Blow your Mind (2007), the band was already working on new material. The track Fire, and its massive collection of remixes was supposed to open the second chapter. And then…

The obscure bankruptcy of the distribution company caused a serious disillusion, and a near-fatal break.

The following years saw the band focus on remixes for ZenToy, until the aborted idea of merging the two projects.

The title Mutation reflects this slow evolution. From the first influences (Front242, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy) to the more Electro-Dance oriented works, but still with the same energy and passion!

01. War Machine
02. Saturday Night
03. Kill the Pain (Bloody Mix)
04. Blue Dream
05. Atomic City
06. Phantom
07. Troll
08. Magnetic
09. Shock!
10. The End (Final Mix)

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Shock! will also be available on a first compilation!

The Virgin Dolls - Annual Ibiza Sessions 2015 Shock!
The Annual Ibiza Sessions 2015
Ruli Media
Release Date: 09/06/2015