Zero Download

Will you download this track? Probably not…

This title is symptomatic of the new business model in the music industry, especially for the “emerging” bands.

Forget the CD, the number of legal downloads is decreasing and the streaming is the new standard, which often doesn’t pay the artist. It’s a real struggle to be noticed nowadays. I tried so many things for my music to be heard…

Now? I expect nothing, and feel strangely relieved by this new state of mind. I found back the simple pleasure of making music with passion. It’s worth a million downloads…



The remix by Skypearls is also available on a first compilation!

Summer Trance Sensation-Best of Vocal -Club Trance 2015 Zero Download (Skypearls Remix)
Summer Trance Sensation-Best of Vocal & Club Trance 2015
Trance Gold Records
Release date: 15/05/2015


Zero Download
Original track taken from the debut album Best Kept Secret and exclusive remix by Skypearls.