Stream Killer

Stream Killer is the 4th single taken from ZenToy debut album Best Kept Secret. Everybody Stream!
Exclusive remixes by Skypearls and Mode Orchestra.

You can grab your copy on Beatport or iTunes.
Release date: 21/05/16

DJ Promo

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The remixes are also available on several compilations!

zentoy-stream-killer-Dance-with-this-vol1 Remix
Dance with This! Vol. 1
Electro Babes
Release date: 01/10/2016
ZenToy-Stream-Killer-Dancefloor-Beats-Vol2-Decandancia Remix
Dancefloor Beats, Vol. 2
Release date: 24/09/2016
Available on:
DJ Shop
zentoy-stream-killer-ade-forcast Remix
Ade Forcast
Dirrty Budapest
Release date: 01/09/2016
ZenToy-Stream-Killer-Dancefloor-Beats-Vol1-Decadencia Remix
Dancefloor Beats, Vol. 1
Release date: 26/08/2016
Available on:
DJ Shop
ZenToy - Stream Killer - The EDM Trance Romance  vol1 Remix
The EDM & Trance Romance Vol.1
Trance Gold Records
Release date: 01/08/2016
ZenToy - Stream Killer (Remix) Mode Orchestra Remix
Electronic Summer Beats
Dark Gadgets Recordings
Release date: 08/07/2016
Available on:
DJ Shop