The music itself is in a festive mode, but tells another story through the video. Paradise… Is it a place on earth? Could it be taken away from us? It’s maybe memories of forever lost moments, or just a summer cocktail on a sunny beach…

Besides the “Short drink” and “Long drink” mixes, several reinterpretations by The Virgin Dolls (Electro), Skypearls (Trance), The Fool Lovers (Deep House) and Mode Orchestra (Down Tempo).

A specific alternative version was also composed for Stoorm, a video game developed by Garage Monkey. Each remix was built from scratch and conceived as the original version. A quite unique approach!



Paradise (Short Drink Mix)

Official Video directed by Row and Jack, a directing duo based in Madrid and Mallorca, Spain.



Stoorm is a game of skill and reflection. The story of Stoorm is articulated around 100 levels of increasing difficulty. Your goal is to move from room to room where enemies and labyrinths will make the task more and more difficult. It’s your dexterity that will help you to complete all levels. A scalable difficulty in a minimalist retro graphic universe, at the service of a level design growing in complexity throughout the adventure. Will you overcome the 100 levels?

Stoorm was developed by Garage Monkey, a video game and visual experimentation studio founded in 2013 by David Alexander Slaager. The studio is currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

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