Best Kept Secret

8 days. The album was composed in a hyper-productive short time period, but is also the result of a long journey since the release of the first single. It’s finally a reflection (not without self-mockery) about the difficulty for an “emerging” band to be noticed.

The tracklist is like a snapshot of the new business model in the music industry:

The number of legal downloads has decreased (Zero Download) and is replaced by the streaming, which often doesn’t pay the artist (Stream Killer).

A social networks presence is mandatory, but is also a real struggle to get an optimal exposure (One Billion Bands), and greedy companies with beautiful promises rarely help to reach this obvious but complex goal (Money 4 Fake).

The creative process, which should always stay the first priority, is sometimes gradually drowned by the attempt of promotion (No More Fun).

Conclusion? Try to keep the feet on the ground and the head in the stars (Star Lover). Expect nothing and be driven by passion! Even if this album remains the… best kept secret.

Release Date:

01. Zero Download
02. One Billion Bands
03. State of Mind
04. Money 4 Fake
05. Stream Killer
06. Paradise (Purgatory Mix)
07. No More Fun
08. Miracle (Redemption Mix)
09. Best Kept Secret
10. Star Lover

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Tracks taken from the album are also available on 8 compilations!

ZenToy - Best Top Trance Music No More Fun
Best Top Trance Music
Pizzara Label Records
Release date: 18/07/2015
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ZenToy - Best Top EDM Music Star Lover
Best Top EDM Music
Pizzara Label Records
Release date: 16/07/2015
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Running System-Pumping Sport Sounds SportsAudioTools Stream Killer
Running System – Pumping Sport Sounds
Sports Audio Tools
Release date: 07/07/2015
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EDM&HandsupHero-The Legends of the Dancefloor StarlightRecordings Stream Killer
EDM & Handsup Hero – The Legends of the Dancefloor
Starlight Recordings
Release date: 30/06/2015
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ZenToy - Dolomiten Hiking Power Traxx One Billion Bands
Dolomiten – Hiking Power Traxx
Sports Audio Tools
Release date: 30/05/2015
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ZenToy - Trance Dance No More Fun
Trance Dance
Future Sonic Media
Release date: 29/05/2015
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Summer Trance Sensation-Best of Vocal -Club Trance 2015 Zero Download (Skypearls Remix)
Summer Trance Sensation-Best of Vocal & Club Trance 2015
Trance Gold Records
Release date: 15/05/2015
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EDM Festival DJ News Stream Killer
EDM Festival DJ News
Dirrty Budapest
Release date: 30/04/2015
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